Pandemic Response Training Courses Now Available

Staying compliant and minimizing risks requires constant vigilance across an entire workforce. This is why we are proud to announce that in partnership with ThinkHR, 10 new Pandemic Response Training Courses have been added to our “Learn” library which already offers over 200 online HR and Training courses for group clients to assign to their managers, supervisors and employees, all at no charge.

“Learn” offers employees and management teams access to an extensive library of both proactive and reactive risk management courses that address compliance essentials such as harassment and discrimination, workplace safety, cybersecurity, and more. The Administrative Dashboard allows groups to assign, view and manage course progress, download certificates of completion, and run various training reports, providing an overall value of over $2400 for the average employer*.

Group clients already taking advantage of “Learn” and those who have yet to get started are encouraged to login and start assigning the below Pandemic courses appropriate for your organization and staff to be as proactive as possible in effectively navigating the current crisis. Course descriptions are below:

  • Assessing your Organization’s Risk: Risk is a fact of life for businesses and one that will never just go away. But before you can start managing risk, you need to be able to assess a risk – as well as its probability – in order to create a strategic plan that will enable you to avoid or mitigate its potential negative impact. In this course, you’ll learn some common techniques for assessing risk, including opportunity assessment, and threat assessment using FMEA – failure mode and effects analysis. Duration: 30 minutes.
  • Responding Effectively to Risks: The third step to take when managing risk, once you’ve identified and assessed risks to your organization, is to deal with them appropriately. Some risks may have a higher probability of becoming a reality than others, while others may have more of a negative impact. You’ll need to treat each of these types of risks differently. This course covers how to create an effective strategy for responding to risk, such as risk exposure adjustment and contingency planning. It also outlines specific strategic plans for dealing with a risk that may be a threat or an opportunity. Duration: 24 minutes.
  • Establishing Effective Virtual Teams: Building and managing teams is enough of a challenge when everyone is in the same location. Collaboration when working on a team that’s virtual requires even more commitment. In this course, you’ll learn about teamwork and team leadership when working on a virtual team. You’ll cover remote management and tactics for communication, assessment, and meetings for virtual teams. Duration: 30 minutes.
  • Leading and Managing Virtual Teams: Virtual teams are emerging as the basic unit for conducting business of all types. Studies show that over 80% of workers today are involved in some way with team members who are not physically located in the same office. Virtual communication networks have made virtual teams possible, while globalization has made them a necessity. Leading virtual teams presents new challenges to leaders and managers. Virtual team leaders must find ways to successfully manage people who are separated by distance, time zones, and cultural differences. This course offers leaders a framework for successfully leading virtual teams. It outlines the key competencies that members of virtual teams should possess and offers guidelines for specific virtual team activities, such as teleconferencing and decision making. It also highlights a variety of tools and technologies that are commonly used for collaboration on virtual teams and presents guidelines for knowing how to choose the right technologies for specific situations. Materials designed to support blended learning activities aligned with this course are available from the Resources Page. Duration: 60 minutes.
  • Managing in a Crisis: Building and managing teams is enough of a challenge when everyone is in the same location. Collaboration when working on a team that’s virtual requires even more commitment. In this course, you’ll learn about teamwork and team leadership when working on a virtual team. You’ll cover remote management and tactics for communication, assessment, and meetings for virtual teams. Duration: 30 minutes.
  • Contributing as a Virtual Team Member: Companies often opt to create virtual teams in place of on-site teams. This allows employees to work from home or remote locations. However, if not managed appropriately, remote working may cause breakdowns in communication, collaboration, and teamwork. In this course, you’ll learn how to develop the skills you need to show team leadership and be an effective member of a virtual team. You’ll explore personal traits that are useful when working on a team remotely. You’ll also learn strategies to stay connected with other team members, and ways to manage your time and overcome the challenges associated with managing teams remotely. Duration: 18 minutes.
  • Facing Virtual Team Challenges: Virtual teams can face the same difficulties as other teams, but also have unique challenges. In this course, you’ll learn how to handle challenges facing your team, and how to evaluate your own style. Duration: 24 minutes.
  • Becoming a Successful Collaborator: When organizations are recruiting, one of the top skills they look for in a candidate is their ability to collaborate. Today’s hiring managers know that collaboration leads to improved problem-solving, increased productivity and promotes interconnected team members who share expertise and learn from one another. Defining collaboration is tricky because it means different things across industries, departments and roles. In this course you’ll learn about the meaning of collaboration, the concept of teaming in collaboration, and best practices for being a good team member and for being a successful collaborator. You’ll examine conflict management styles to determine which one is yours, and the impact on your team. Duration: 30 minutes.
  • Forging Ahead with Perseverance and Resilience: Business today is a complex undertaking. Accomplishing tasks an staying focused on achieving your goals requires grit and persistence. An adaptive mindset helps you focus through the distractions, information overload, demanding pace, and the accompanying stresses that can often pull you off task. In this course, you’ll learn to develop personal resiliency, adaptability, and perseverance. You’ll explore the resources and people it takes to sustain perseverance, and you’ll discover actions to help you build a work-life balance, sharpen your focus, and foster the resilience perseverance to face and overcome setbacks. Duration: 30 minutes.
  • General Information: Coronavirus and COVID-19: Coronaviruses are a family of viruses that commonly occur in humans and animals. Most coronaviruses cause mild to moderate upper respiratory tract illnesses similar to the common cold and flu, and sometimes lower respiratory tract illnesses, such as pneumonia or bronchitis. Most people will experience a type of common human coronavirus in their lifetime. Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) is the human body’s reaction to the strain of novel virus known as SARS-CoV-2. In this topic, you’ll learn what COVID-19 is, who is at the highest risk of contracting it, how it’s transmitted, signs and symptoms, and precautions you should take to prevent and treat it. The course was developed and reviewed with subject matter support provided by certified subject matter experts and industry professionals. Please note, the course materials and content were current with the laws and regulations at the time of the last expert review, however, they may not reflect the most current legal developments. Nothing herein, or in the course materials, shall be construed as professional advice as to any particular situation with respect to compliance with legal statutes or requirements. Duration: 18 minutes.

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*Courses are valued at $125 per; the average employer assigns 19 courses per year. Princeton HR provides unlimited access to ThinkHR’s Learn courses, providing an even richer value to our valued clients.