Fees Associates with the Affordable Care Act to be Imposed on Most Healthcare Plans

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) established a new non-profit organization called the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) to: Conduct research which would evaluate and compare health outcomes; and,  Conduct research into the clinical effectiveness, risks and benefits of medical treatments The PCORI will be paid for via a trust funded by the payment of fees… Read More


Employer Guidance on SBC Requirements

SUMMARY OF BENEFITS AND COVERAGE AND UNIFORM GLOSSARY  (SBC) On February 14, 2012, the Department of Treasury, Internal Revenue Service, Department of Labor, Employee Benefits Security Administration and the Department of Health & Human Services issued the Final Guidance  & Rules regarding The Summary of Benefits and Coverage and Uniform Glossary (SBC). The SBC requirements… Read More


Cut Medicare, waste, fraud, or education funding? Where should the Super Committee find $1 trillion?

Government officials continue to look for corners to cut in the wake to today’s dire debt crisis and now, Washington’s super committee has announced that up to $1 trillion in national spending cuts must be made by 2013. As a result of strong resistance to medical benefit cuts by senior citizen groups like the AARP,… Read More


Medicare Slow to Recognize and Act on Prescription Drug Abuse by Beneficiaries

According to last week’s New York Times report, Medicare may be “subsidizing drug abuse” by several of its beneficiaries. Investigators from the Government Accountability Office have reported that Medicare has been slow to act on and recognize recent findings that show thousands of Medicare beneficiaries are shopping around for doctors who fill prescriptions for large… Read More


New Guidance on W-2 Reporting Requirement

The IRS published new guidance on the W-2 reporting requirement that sheds much-needed light on this requirement of Health Care Reform, including: Employers who issue fewer than 250 Forms W-2 for the 2012 tax year are not required to report the cost of coverage on their 2012 W-2s; these employers will not be required to… Read More

UHC/Oxford Sweat Equity Program announcement:

MHPNJ is ceasing operations 12/31/21 due to financial deficiency. Groups are advised to term + seek new coverage ASAP as Effective 8/1, a 26% increase will apply. Groups enrolled at any time since 1/1/20 will receive notice regarding assessment $ due 9/15:

Reminder for employer groups on the COBRA election extensions due to COVID-19:

Updated Guidiance on Vaccine Requirements in the Workplace:

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Employers who self-insure must pay the annual "PCORI" fees, created under the Affordable Care Act, on their own and by 7/31/21. The insurance carrier pays the annual fees for fully-insured groups. For more information see here: