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We currently offer the following coverage options, products, services and consultation:

GROUP INSURANCE: see our Employee Benefits page


  • Disability Income Protection: the most important coverage one can have (second to medical), is the ability to continue to earn an income if unable to work in your own occupation or any occupation due to disability. Disability coverage provides a percentage (usually 60-70%) of your pre-disability earnings so that you and your family can continue to meet your monthly needs and not have to deplete savings, sell your home, change your lifestyle, or file bankruptcy.
  • Life Insurance: term, permanent, universal, or a combination of these product options, provide a benefit for surviving family members to pay final expenses and replace lost income. Many options provide a return of premium benefit at the end of the policy and/or investment option as well:
  • Long Term Care (LTC): pure LTC or LTC life insurance ‘riders’ provide a living benefit to pay for in-home or facility care when 2 or more activities of daily living (bathing, dressing, toileting, etc.) cannot be performed. These policies help retain assets and income set aside for retirement by providing the money needed to pay for care so that the individual in need can remain independent.
  • Medical: the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and many state law(s) requires that most individuals maintain medical coverage. When group coverage through an employer, spouse, parent, school/institution, former or 2nd employer, the Military or Medicare/Medicaid is not available, individual medical coverage must be obtained. Individual plans and insurers vary per state, are age-rated, and can be applied for only during open enrollment or at the time of a qualifying life event. Such policies are paid for with after-tax (vs. pre-tax, as with group coverage) monies. In 2021, we will sell the following individual medical plans only:
  • Medicare Supplemental + Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) Coverage: see our Medicare page

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